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The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.
Robert Frost

Children of Fire

Paul CW Beatty's Latest Book

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Paul CW Beatty is an unusual combination of a novelist and a research scientist. Having worked for many years in medical research in the UK NHS and Universities,  he took an MA in Creative Writing at Manchester Metropolitan University emerging with a distinction.

His latest novel, Children of Fire, is a Victorian murder mystery set in 1841 at the height of the industrial revolution. It won the Writing Magazine’s Best Novel Award in November 2017 and is published by The Book Guild Ltd.  Children of Fire is set against the hills of the Peak District as well as the canals and other industrial infrastructure of the Cottonopolis known as the City of Manchester.

Paul lives near Manchester in the North West of England at Marple - the place that gave Agatha Christie an idea for a character's name.


Children of Fire

Winner of the 2017 Writing Magazine's Best Novel

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Heron Fleet

To Francesca, Heron Fleet was truly mother and father.

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Viaduct is a podcast hosted by Paul CW Beatty that is published two or three times a month. It is for readers of new fiction, creative writers and those interested in books. 

Viaduct is aimed at commuters and others who use smart phones. Its editions are about 30 mins long, though ones that include interviews may be longer.

All the editions of Viaduct, including the latestcan be heard by clicking on the following link http://viaduct.buzzsprout.com/

The best way of listening to Viaduct on your smartphone or other mobile device is to upload an appropriate App from the web. Search for Viaduct using Google etc. and work from there to an appropriate app store for your smart phone. Viaduct is hosted by Apple Podcast as well as Buzzsprout.

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