Up Coming Events

Up Coming Events

NB: Details of meetings of The Storyteller's Place can be found on the dedicated part of this activities section.

Thursday 16th August 2018: Paul will be giving an invited pair of lectures at the Swanwick Writers' Summer School on World Building for novels. 

World Building is usually to fantasy or science fiction, where the necessity to build a fictional is obvious. Less obvious is the need to build a world in historical, crime and even contemporary fiction. All stories need an ecology in which to come to life.

A PDF copy of the slides is available from the following link  World Building for Swanwick.pdf

Tuesday 16th October 2018: An invited talk at Prestbury Probus Club on the theme: They're only in it for themselves. Paul's view on the current state of how politics has changed post the vote on Brexit.

Thursday 7th March 2019 Preston Probus Details TBC

Thursday 28th March 2019  Marple Exploring the Arts. Children of Fire: The Journey of a Novel from Inception to Fruition Writing a book is not only about ideas and execution but also about editing, publicity and marketing. Author Paul Beatty's talk will map the path starting from the initial idea to final publication and beyond, for his prize winning novel Children of Fire. ( For more details go to https://www.marple.website/arts.html )