Lock Down SpeciaL

I usually keep the secular stuff I write, such as Children of Fire, separate from the stuff I use in church services. But it seems that while the current situation is on, I should start a page on this website, so that church folk and others can use my output for themselves.

The first thing I am making available is a set of monologues called the Holy Week Monologues which I wrote in 2006. They were recorded by a friend of mine, Derek Davidson, and is constructed as a series of meditations that can be read in Holy Week. Each day is represented by one meditation starting at Palm Sunday and finishing at Easter Day.

Most of the incidents of the week coincide with the familiar events in the Gospels, though some of those events have been transposed. Its unconventional Christian viewpoint might make it useful for people of all faiths and none.

The player for hearing the The Holy Week Monologues is below. Go there to access the player.

There are 10 separate chapters which start with an Introduction. Do one each day or allow them all to play together.