Viaduct is a podcast hosted by Paul Beatty that is published about once a week. It is aPodcast for readers of new fiction, creative writers and those interest in books. 

Viaduct is aimed at comutters and others  who use smart phones. Its editions are about 30 mins long, though interviews with with ouside contributers may lead to editions that are more than 30 mins. 

The latest edition of Viaduct can be heard by clicking on the following link

Latest Viaduct

which play the edition on a seperate browser page. 

The complete back catalogue of Viaduct Podcasts are available at  

Viaduct Catalogue

But the best way of listening to Viaduct on your smartphone or other mobile devices is to upload an appropriate App the web. Search for Viaduct using Google etc. and work from there to an appropriate store for you smart phone.